Game of Life — Part 3

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Principles, foundation of Human society

As Rām decided to leave Ayodhyā for the forest, Laxman followed him. Born in race of Janakā & daughter-in-law of Dasarath, Sitā, the beloved spouse of Rām, who was like vital breath for him also followed him like Rohini follows the Moon. She was the foremost of virtuous woman. The citizens of Ayodhyā followed him as well for a long distance. Rām then approached Guha, the King of Nishādas, at Shringiberpura, sent back minister Sumantrā & crossed river Ganga together with Laxman & Sitā

Moving from one forest to another, crossing deep & wide rivers, they reached Chitrakuta mountain as per sage Bharadvaja’s command. They raised a hut made of leaves there & dwelt happily resembling devas & gandharvas. When Rām had set out to Chitrakuta, King Dasarath stricken by grief over separation from his son & mourning over him, departed for heavens. As King passed away, Bharat-younger brother of Rām & son of Kaikeyi, did not desire to rule Kingdom against orders of Sage Vashishtha & other Brahmins. He went to forest to worship Rām’s feet. Reaching him, he said-You alone should be King but Rām refused to accept the kingdom in accordance with the command of his father

Handing over his sandals to Bharat, as symbol of authority to rule kingdom, Rām persuaded him again and again to return to Ayodhyā. Disappointed in his mission to take Rām back, Bharat worshipped the sandals & ruled the kingdom from Nandigram (outside of Ayodhyā) awaiting his return

When Bharat departed, Rām, a man of good fortune and steadfast in vows, perceiving that citizens from Ayodhyā would arrive there, entered Dandaka forest with single minded determination (so that there would not be breach of his promise). Rām slew demon Viradha and saw sages Sarabhanga, Sutikshna and Agastya with his brother.

Rām’s life was etched in principles and all his acts were to set an ideal example for world to follow. Wisdom is the application of deeper truths of life in a way that is practical. We also land up in situations when we are not able to apply the ideals & knowledge learnt. If it is not applied, it just has notional value. Rām exhibited the quality of detachment despite having utmost self-control. He had everything at his disposal but was never attached to part with it.

Compromising on principles destroys everything & adherence to it lays ground for future success. Such role models establish tenets for future generations. If we are faced with a seemingly difficult decision in life, we should fall back on the guidance of set of moral principles and deduce correct action from it. Our scriptures give such guidance & Bhagvad Gita- Manual for life establishes morals to live this human form of life.

Let’s read our scriptures and be guided for a blissful life.

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