The word “rich” gets usually associated either with money or taste (as in rich food) but “rich in knowledge” and “rich in experience” are not far behind.

At Bhogya, we like to focus on enrichment of the mind by providing the appropriate knowledge and experience through our content. The five sense organs that we have, provide us with experiences but, the eyes and the ears are the most important when it comes to enriching our Knowledge and our mind in general. 

The contents on Bhogya focus on providing this enriching experience through videos, Audio Stories, talk shows and write ups / blogs, so that the sense organs are invested into “Shreyas” — which results in the pursuit of the eternal and in the elevation of the Soul and, not in Preyas, which results in dissipation of our energy by running after the ephemeral. 

Knowledge is one wealth which does not diminish even after giving and in fact, grows every time it is given. “Enrichment” at Bhogya is designed to enable everyone growing together through the rich experiences we offer here. With enrichment, it is possible to cope with the  moral, ethical, spiritual and psychological challenges. We are ready to face the world with zest and compassion.


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