Game of Life — Part 2

Image of Game of Life 2 - Power of Destiny

The Power of destiny! Accept it, don’t resist!

Sri Nārada continued speaking to sage Vālmiki, said-Rām is like sea to rivers, is accessible to men of virtue & has equal disposition towards all. Bestowed with all virtues, he enhances the joys of his mother, Kaushalya. He is like Vishnu in prowess, the Moon in pleasing appearance, the all-consuming fire in anger, the earth in patience, Kubera in charity & the Sun in steadfastness.

With a desire to promote the welfare of people, King Dashrath decided to install Sri Rām, his eldest and affectionate son as heir apparent. He knew that Rām, bestowed with all excellent qualities & true prowess, was ever intent on the welfare of people. Thereafter having seen the preparations for installation of Rām, queen Kaikeyi, who was promised earlier with boons from Dashrath, demanded him exile for Rām & enthronement of Bharata.

Dashrath, true to his word & restrained by the bonds of duty, sent his beloved son Rām to forest. Obedient Rām, in order to please Kaikeyi & obey the command of his father, went to the forest & helped the King to keep his promise to Kaikeyi. Laxman, the beloved brother to Rām was drawn towards him. Enhancer with modesty, he was the enhancer of joy of his mother Sumitra. Displaying fraternal love, he followed Rām who was departing to the forest.

As Rama was unceremoniously asked to leave for exile, Laxman was extremely anguished & bursting with anger. Rama counseled his younger brother, saying that they should respect the verdict for their father & should not trouble him more by resisting.

Still seeing lack of conviction & pain in Laxman’s eyes, Rama said-My angry brother don’t you see the hand of destiny working out a divine plan? If not how can one explain the fact that Keikeyi who loved me more than Bharata, her son, till the day before has changed so drastically? When something is beyond the reasoning it is called divine ordinance or destiny.

Sometimes the most meticulous of our plans fail miserably & at other, things work out perfectly even though unplanned. How do we explain such occurrences but destiny? One must learn to develop deeper philosophical outlook to events that happen in life keeping personal agenda aside & allowing divine will to prevail unobstructed. This is the only way to change our sorrows to Joys.

To bring a chicken out of an egg, one only needs to wait, similarly destiny unfolds itself of its own accord. Trying to push an urgent response from destiny is like breaking the egg to hasten hatching process.

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