Bhogya means an object of enjoyment or experience. Every form of enjoyment we know of is a “Bhogya Vasthu” or an object of our enjoyment or experience — be it good music, good food, a good book or even a nice conversation with a friend. What we call “life” is a series of experiences and each such experience is associated with an appropriate “Bhogya Vasthu”.

Bhogam in Sanskrit means pleasure or enjoyment, so Bhogya is that which is worthy of being enjoyed or experienced.

Sustainable by definition means that which can be upheld and sustainability is the ability to exist constantly.  Sustainability is also defined as a socio-ecological process characterised by the pursuit of a common ideal. 

An ideal is by definition unattainable in a given time and space. However, by persistently and dynamically approaching it, the process results in a sustainable system.

— Wikipedia

When we have a JUST cause which is so Just and, 

when we have a strong belief in our cause (vision),

we would be willing to sacrifice our entire life for it.

It would be such an idealistic vision of the future that

we possibly cannot achieve in our lifetime but,

we are ready to work for it and

advance slowly & steadily towards it. 



The vision to have a world that is lovable and sustainable is A JUST CAUSE and we, at Bhogya are ready to work hard to slowly advance towards that world. 

 Sustainability does not come with a few cosmetic changes in lifestyle. We believe that these have to be addressed at the grassroots level – meaning that the very thought needs to progress towards a better life and better world. For it is the ‘thought’ that differentiates one human being from another and, with better thoughts a better world can be achieved.

In order for one to have good thoughts, experiences are important. By substituting the contrived for the genuine and at the same time inspiring a potentially deleterious appetite for follow-up visits to the real thing, experiences can be enhanced. 

And this is precisely what we wish to provide at Bhogya

Experiences that matter – 

for, experiences can enrich and elevate a person to a higher level. 

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