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No prize or certificate will be awarded to anyone taking the quiz.

Ready to take the Quiz Mountains & Rivers in Srimad Ramayana today September 28, 2023?

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Which river did Rama, Lakshmana and Sita cross to enter the Tataka Forest?


Name the river at Prayag crossing which Rama, Lakshmana and Sita reached the Chitrakoot forest.


This Mountain has lots of iron ores and also Sandalwood trees.


Name the 4 herbs identified by Sushena to cure Lakshmana, when Hanuman brought the Dronagiri hill to the battlefield at Lanka.


Where did Rama meet Sage Bharadwaja?


Rama describes the beauty of this river to Sita, while at Chitrakoot forest.


The Vindhya Mountain Range has the following 3 rivers flowing from and around it.


Name the mountain in the midst of the ocean that has a lot of sandalwood trees.


Name the mountain which is believed to be visited by the 1000 eyed Indra every month on the Amavasya Day.


Name the river that flows from the Braham Giri Mountains in the Western Ghat and drains into the Bay of Bengal in the East.

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