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Think Big

Lord Krishna fondly remembered his childhood friend Kuselar aka Sudama and treated him as a priceless guest. Sudama got mesmerised by his friend’s unexpected kindness and forgot to ask anything for him. But he eventually got everything what he wanted. His hut was transformed into a palace. Old and torn clothes of his children got transformed new clothes. How did Lord Krishna understand his needs without hearing the laundry list from him? Will GOD give us good things without asking for them? What is this magic in this story?  You may ask how could a hut get transformed to a palace. There is a lesson behind this.

Sudama wished sincerely though he did not ask. He loved Lord Krishna abundantly. Sincere prayer has miraculous powers. It is like a genie doing miracles for us. When I was a child, I used to long for the services of a genie. I used to dream how good it would be if a genie could be found. That is childhood fantasy. Maturity gives the reality that this big universe is a kind-hearted genie. We don’t need to search for genii. Genii are there with us every day everywhere. This universe has been created with ‘Unlimited potential’, ‘Abundant opportunities’ for all of us. Ask the genie sincerely, passionately and follow-up with actions and the genie will ensure to give you whatever you wanted. Don’t limit your wish. Ask (dream) for bigger things – roaring business, glorious health, permanent happiness. THINK BIG.

Prayers to our Genii

Is our prayers to the GOD get the same result? Depends on what you seek from your GOD. Never pray for smaller pleasures, always ask bigger things. GOD will listen and make it happen. Don’t make a passing reference. Make fervent appeal and put in sincere efforts to make your appeal a reality. GOD will take care of the rest!

If GOD has miraculous powers, why cannot GOD take care of the act. Why cannot we limit ourselves with just making prayers. We have to make the prayers and we have to take necessary efforts, then what is GOD’s role? We take the efforts with a strong belief that the efforts are going to fructify. The belief, the confidence is the role of GOD. The difference GOD brings is the process of making the prayer and giving the confidence.

All religions say the same but say in different form, but the principle is the same.


Christianity proclaims that GOD is with us always, ‘He Longs For You To allow Him to Help You!’ says bible.

Advaitha philosophy of Shankaracharya goes a step further, ‘aham brahmasmi’ is one of the mahavakya of advaitha which means ‘I remain as GOD’. Godhood is in me.

Vishistathvaitha philosophy differs a bit, method is different but the principle is the same. Ramanujacharya said ‘I am different from GOD. GOD is inside us, inside each living being as well as non-living being’.

It does not matter if the GOD is with us, as us or inside us, GOD gives us the confidence to wish and achieve. Make a sincere prayer, Pray for better things, Believe that you will get what you prayed for, Pray for positive things in life and make efforts. Your efforts will never go waste. You will get what you prayed for.

GOD is kind-hearted, loves you, cares for you and wishes only good things for you. Believe in GOD that GOD will listen to your prayers and make your prayers a reality but you have to believe strongly that GOD will make it happen. GOD will act only then.

Offerings to the GOD are not for appeasing the GOD but to enhance our confidence that we will achieve what we wanted to achieve. Don’t make your offering a quid pro quo, conditional to the realization of your prayers like offering of coconuts once the wish is achieved. GOD is not an enterprise to enter into a performance contract with you on payment terms and penalty clauses. Religion thrives on FAITH and is not an industry. Quid pro quo prayers are an indication that you don’t believe it will happen until it happens. Try making a confident prayer, if possible make the offering before praying.

What about the propaganda by the so-called rationalists? Atheism is a choice, prerogative. But questioning faith in the guise of rationalism is negative thinking. Rationalists have no business to question the faith without bothering to understand the rational.

Pray to any GOD, does not matter. Why some GODs are more powerful than others? Why is our favorite GOD able to accomplish better than others? BELIEF, your BELIEF gets you what you wanted. If notion of powerful GOD, favorite GOD enhances your confidence, be it.

If an innocuous prayer is going to enhance the chances of you achieving what you wanted in life, Please go ahead and pray, pray daily, pray fervently but follow it up with an action plan.

The belief that GOD is with us all the time, especially during our difficult times gives us the confidence to face the troubles. Why should we worry to trace the validity? Let us enjoy and utilize the confidence booster. Listen to this story.


On one beautiful night, a devotee after worshiping god went to his cozy bed for sleep. He dreamt that he was walking along the beautiful beach in the company of his loving God. While he was walking, the scenes of different incidents flashed one by one across the dark sky. He kept moving and watching the different stages of his life, the good times as well as bad ones.

After the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back and noticed the footprints in the sand. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand. At many times along the path of his life; especially at the very lowest and saddest times, there was only one set of footprints.

That disturbed him, so he asked the God, “God, you promised that you’d walk with me all the way. I did see two footprints and one of the two should be yours. But I noticed that during the troublesome times of my life, there was only one set of footprints. you abandoned me when I wanted you more”

God laughed and after some silence whispered, “My precious child, I love you and will never abandon you. When you were fine & healthy, I used to walk besides you. When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you during your tough times”

Have that kind of faith that your GOD will do only good things for you in your life. You are never alone in your life. Remember this especially when you are in low ebb. That will boost your confidence to fight.


I hear with pain whenever parents chide their children that GOD will punish whenever they do wrong deeds. GOD never punishes. Punishment is not in the job description of GODs. All religions say the same. Hate, Punishment, Misery, Revenge are not in GOD’s vocabulary. GOD understands only love – vathsalyam which is more than love. That is why we have to believe in GOD and spend time with GOD, to be in the positive vibe and shun the company of nay-sayers.



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