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Seeing reason👀

Rāvana was seated in his gem encrusted throne. With 10 heads, 20 hands, huge chest & long muscular arms he was like a lofty mountain. 

Surpanakha approached him after witnessing destruction at Jansthan. She was burning with grief & revenge for disgrace she met at hands of Rām & Laxman

Despite her pitiable condition, Rāvana avoided her. Infuriated she said-Ever sunk in mire of lust & sensuality, you give unbridled license to your passions & thoughts & don’t see danger lurking at your heels. Like an impure fire in a crematorium, men shun King who’s greedy & self willed. He who doesn’t care about affairs of state in right time & place, surely brings destruction upon himself, his kingdom & subjects

You are ignorant as a baby. Aren’t you ashamed to call yourself King? An insignificant mortal Rām has annihilated your kith & kin on your frontiers & you’re sitting here peacefully? Doesn’t is rouse shame in you

Despite taunts, not once did Rāvana ask how it all started. He kept quite & didn’t deem necessary to dig deep to know, how Surpanakha got into all this

When a team member tells his version of a story & tries to spark emotions for our action, do we reflect & investigate to know the root cause? Or our false ego, relationship, emotions, etc comes in way.

Be Alarmed when such happens & it is more pertinent to dig deep & know the reason of this fanning the fire into flame



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