Game of Life : Part 10

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Serve without a cause & you will be surprised!

Story of how peacock got his boons

Demigods ran for their life, squirming like worms at the sight of savage bird. The flying tyrant Ravana arrived from nowhere, thwarting the universal Yajna. All were visibly upset including King Marut, who had done many austerities to build up intensity of this sacrifice, nearing completion. He did not want it to be interrupted at this last stage. As Ravana disembarked from his air chariot, King Marut rose up & welcomed him. His mind was serene and calm from the constant chanting of mantras over past several days. Ravana boomed saying he was here to subjugate him. Surrender or Perish, roared the demon King

A relaxed smile on Marut’s lips raised a questioning arch on Ravana’s brow-what an audacity? He invoked ferocious sword Chandrahasa to rattle the King, but he was still smiling. The King invoked his bow arrow but on his priest Samvartan’s insistence did not succumb to the provocation. He had vowed nonviolence & no anger till the end of Yajna. Ravana mocked & jeered at Marut, calling him coward and a puppet in the hands of priest. But with no response from the King, he hopped on to his chariot & whizzed off.

As Ravana thundered in horrendous ear-splitting sound that boomed ten-fold, demigods led by Indra vanished. Nearby a peacock stealthily peeked from behind a tree, trying hard to hide its long dull blue train & control his quivering legs.
After King Marut did not pay heed to Ravana’s provocation and he left, the timid peacock ventured out from behind the tree & took its seat on the mat meant for Indra, the king of demigods. The sages were aghast at its impudence and tried to whoosh him away. But it was Indra taking refuge in a peacock

The peacock called out all the peacocks in the forest & said “A bird of your species saved me from the embarrassment of being captured by Ravana”. As an act of gratitude I award that the monotonous blue of your plumage will become iridescent with multitude of colors. Each feather will have imprint of my eye, you will be immune to all diseases & those who dare to kill you will meet their death. Even snakes will dread you & when I would shower rains you will dance with joy. It’s eternal relationship

Do we serve in all situations without a motive?. Lets do it and we all are in for a surprise. Help others just for the fun of serving

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