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The brain is up to 2% of the weight of the body but consumes 20% of the energy of the body.

An ant is tiny as compared to the elephant but once she enters the trunk of the elephant can make the giant go crazy.

Vamana came as a small boy in the assembly of Bali Maharaj. All thought of Him as unintelligent when He asked for three paces of land. “What can a small boy cover by his three steps? “ they thought. Vamana covered the entire manifestation in just two steps. Bali had to surrender himself for the third step.

Putana, the demoness was confident of killing Krishna who was a mere baby few days old. But baby Krishna not only killed the demoness but gave her ultimate liberation. She died in her original form which is said to be twelve miles long with Krishna as a tiny little baby playing on her chest.

The tiny little squirrel was carrying pebbles for making the bridge to Lanka for Lord Ram. What difference it would have made? But Rama accepted her service and marked her back with two lines as a gesture of gratitude.

So what if you are a small person?
So what if you have a small apartment?
So what if you don’t have a fat salary?
So what if you have a small business?
So what if you have a small car?

Trust me you won’t be known by any one of them. They don’t define you but your actions and deeds do. And the best part is when they are small it’s easy to maintain them and won’t consume too much of your precious time, setting you free to do something more worthwhile.

Make your deeds/actions BIG. That’s what counts. Rest everything is a distraction.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s otherwise.

Act wise.


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