Game of Life : Part 9

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Seeing is believing

Team building element


Story of Vāli & Dundubhi

Sugriva explained to Ram why Vāli does not come close to Kishkindha, the abode of Sage Mātanga and why he feels safe from his brother Vāli in Kishkindha.

Once demon Dundubhi roared at the gates of Kishkindha. Vāli noticing this said-why have you come here at this hour & blocking gates? You need not howl & proclaim to me your strength. I’m pleased to forgive you this time & grant you your miserable life. Go away from here

Red eyed with anger, the demon thundered-I came to fight but I see you’re a braggart before your women. Stand up to me, say goodbye to your family friends & choose a fit successor for the kingdom. I’m here on a holy mission to quench your pride & life together.

Vāli listened in ominous silence, laughed bitterly & in suppressed fury strode forward for battle. He caught sharp horns of the demon who came in the form of an ox, whirled aloft his mountainous bulk & dashed him to ground. In no time he was a corpse.

Vāli threw the carcass far beyond a yojana (8 miles). It fell close to the abode of Sage Mātanga, causing destruction & defilement with blood strewing all across and desecrating his hermitage. The Sage with his wisdom eyes saw the perpetrator & cursed Vāli that if he comes within a yojana of his abode he will die. Vāli asked for forgiveness but sage didn’t relent.

Sugriva said-This is the reason I stay close to Sage’s abode, safe from Vāli, else at other places he’d kill me. He pointed to a demon’s skeleton nearby resembling a huge mountain & said-Rām, such is the might of Vāli. I would like to know, how you intend to slay him.

Laxman smiled in pity, said-what’ll convince you that Rām would be able to slay Vāli?

You see these lofty 7 Sala trees, Vāli had shook them one by one & denuded them of leaves, shoots & flowers. If Rām can pierce any one of them with an arrow or if he can kick this skeleton of Dundubhi 800 cubits away, I‘ll count Vāli as dead.

Laxman was perturbed but Rām smiled & prepared to convince his friend

Huge lessons for us-To convince team members & build confidence for a higher task, once should lead by example. Display of a special skill set, opens up possibilities for others to dig deep inside to compliment & contribute.

Team building elements!

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