Game of Life 48 - Decision Making

Game of Life 48

Hasty Decision🏃🏾‍♂️

Rām slung back quivers, put sword in belt, grasped his terrible bow & raced after golden deer

Mārich wanted to lure him far away & ran fast seeing Rām approaching him. Sometimes he flashed close like streak of lightning, allowing himself to be almost caught & then took a flying leap & lost himself in skies. His sudden appearance & disappearance was startling & Rām became suspicious if it really was deer or demon in disguise

Being tired in hot pursuit, Rām rested little under a tree, when he saw the deer grazing nearby & as he started towards him he fled in terror. Not wasting more time, he strung an arrow infused with might of Brahmāstra & shot at him. It pierced his heart & he gave a dreadful roar, leapt to the height of palm tree & fell lifeless.But even at moment of death, he gave a mighty shout- Hey Sita, Hey Laxman to induce Sita to dispatch Laxman after his brother

Laxman’s words flashed at once in Rām’s mind-Sita’s safety was in danger now. This is the demon’s work & I should have listened to my brother. I don’t know what they will do in ashram listening to this cry of help as if coming from me. His hair stood on end with fear & grief

We also sometimes take action in haste & disregard good counsel of experienced people. Alas, what can we rescue?episodes?



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