Game of Life : Part 12

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Rām said to Rāvan-If you’d have made attempt to take Sitā in my presence, for sure I’d have killed you like your brother Khara. Thanks heaven that you’ve now come within range of my sight, I’ll dispatch you to the world of death by my sharp arrows today. Let your head, having blazing earrings lay on dust laden battlefield & carried away by beasts of prey, after being chopped off by my arrows. Let vultures fly down on your wounded breast when you lie bathed in blood.

Rām, annihilator of enemies, then poured streams of arrows at Rāvan. The prowess, strength, enthusiasm & stamina of the arms of Rām became 2-fold, when he longed for death of his enemy in battle. All kinds of mystic missiles came to light in mind of Rām’s learned self & he became all the more swift handed. Recognizing good omens, Rām tormented Rāvan even more vehemently.

While being struck by volleys of stones hurled by Vānaras & showers of arrows coming from Rām, Rāvan felt bewildered at heart. He could no longer take up weapons, nor stretch his bow, nor react to Rām’s prowess on account of his mind being confused. As the time of his death approached, the arrows swiftly hurled & various kinds of missiles employed by Rāvan didn’t turn to be of any use in battle.

Seeing Ravana reduced to such a plight, his charioteer for his part, without getting excited, calmly & slowly carried off the chariot away from battle front. On seeing Rāvan sunk down & hopelessly bereft of energy, the charioteer diverting in haste the chariot of Rāvan, which was rumbling like a cloud, sneaked away from the battlefield in dismay.

Impelled by destiny, with his red blood eyes in anger & infatuation, Rāvan said to his charioteer-O evil minded fellow! Despising me as though I’m bereft of manliness, deficient in prowess, coward, incapable, devoid of energy & bereft of brilliance, you’re acting as per your own discretion. Why have carried away the chariot of mine, thus humiliating me in presence of my enemies & overlooking my will?

You’ve destroyed my fame earned by my hard work, vital power & trust of my people today. While my adversary having illustrious prowess, delighting others through feats of his valor, stood looking on, myself, who has an ardent desire for fighting but is made contemptible by you. This act, which has been done by you, is only befitting of enemies & is indeed not work of a friend, who wishes me well. If you remember my merit, drive back the chariot swiftly till my enemy does not withdraw.

Presumption & negative bias for others is an extremely dangerous element of our nature, which can turn a friendly advice to a threat & convert our friends to enemies. We tend to be skeptic against others, driven by our self-qualified beliefs & agenda. This is due to our ignorance of facts & it fuels more ignorance to the point of bewilderment.

For open minded wisdom seekers, coherent principles can transform to raise consciousness to spiritual level & get rid of such behavior.


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