Game of Life 47

Game of Life 47

✖Loose control🎮

As Laxman tried to dissuade from pursuing golden deer🦌, Sita said-this deer grows upon me & has captivated my heart. Its complexion, charming gait & splendor of its form makes me imagine that full moon has found way in this dark forest

Catch him alive & it would be a source of joy & wonder. We’ll take him back to Ayodhya after exile is over to astonish Bharat. If dead, its lovely skin would form a comfortable rug to spread. I pray to pardon me for my careless & foolish request but I need it

Rām too was infected with wonder that filled Sita’s heart. He said to Laxman-Sita has set her heart on this deer & I too opine with her that this is unbelievable & one of its kind. Now for your objections-even if it’s a demon in disguise then it is necessary that we should slay him. So I’ll go! Arm yourself to guard Sita from any danger & I’ll return with deer either dead or alive.Our friend Jatayu is also here to help

When one is captivated to get a thing at any cost, the desire to have it takes control and we’re at mercy of the situation as it unfolds

In business or any transaction, desire to achieve something should be driven by reason & careful observation. Intelligence needs to be in control rather than emotions else we are in for big surprise

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