Game of Life 46

Game of Life 46, Marich the golden deer

Mārich assumed the shape of a wonderful deer & wandered about the hermitage of Rām. The tips of his horns shone like emeralds, mouth lovely as blown lotus, ears like blue lilies, lips & loins like diamonds, hoofs like rubies & he waved aloft his tail displaying colors of rainbow. Thus thro’ his powers of illusion he set about to snare heart of Sita

The splendor of his form illuminated woods around. Nibbling at tender blades of grass, he passed now & then thro’ plantain grove & rested a while under trees so that Sita might see him. He would mix with herd of deer but his smell warned other deer that he was demon & they fled from him in affright

Sita emerged from the cottage to gather flowers & her eyes fell upon golden deer adorned with gems of diverse hue. Janki was amazed at sight & called out Ram & Laxman

Laxman ever on his guard & suspicious of demons, watched the deer attentively & said-Brother, this is no other than Mārich, whom you’ve allowed to escape previously. I know in the guise of a deer, he appears to kings & princes, lures them into deep jungle & then tortures them to death. This is nothing but illusion

But Sita stopped him for she was trapped under spell of beauty

Do we find similarities in us getting trapped? What are the ominous signs? Thoughts pls #gameoflife

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