Game of Life 43

Game of Life 43 - Advice

Advise on facts

Rāvana, it’s not out of imagination that I’m advising you not to fight Rām nor I seek to excuse myself from assisting you but this is with my experience-said Māricha

Once roaming in Dandak forest, proud of my immense strength of ten-thousand elephants, I was frightening all creatures & slaughtering sages. A Yagya was conducted by sage Vishwamitra, which I spoiled, causing him much anxiety & apprehension. He went to King Dasrath & said-demon Māricha is desecrating my Yagya & I seek help from your heroic boy Rām

King replied, he is but a boy not even twelve. He hasn’t finished his instructions in the science of weapons,so I’ll come with you. The sage insisted on Rām despite King’s pleas & thus he came

As Yagya resumed, I rushed there like a whirlwind & sprang upon him carelessly swinging aloft my terrible pike. Rām grasped his bow & twanged & the whole world shook in fright. As I wanted to destroy the offering at the altar, he shot an arrow which took me like a feather, a hundred yojanas far, plunging me deep into the sea. It was in his power to take my life but he spared me for some reason. Just an arrow by him reduced me to miserable plight

We should listen to other’s experiences & then draw conclusions. 

Strengths & weakness of competition should be properly evaluated before next steps

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