Game of Life — Part 4

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Power of Austerities

An unrighteous act destroys everything including your power of austerities, Beware!

Nārada continued narrating Rām’s story briefly to sage Vālmiki

As directed by sage Agastya, Rām received with extreme delight a bow, a sword & quivers with inexhaustible arrows, given by Indra to the sage (to be passed on to Rām). While Rām was dwelling in the forest, in hermitage of sage Sarabhaga, all the ascetics inhabiting the forest approached him requesting for destruction of demons seizing upon their lives. Rām promised all to slay them

During his stay in Dankaranya forest, a demoness called Suparnakhā, living in Janasthāna (resting place for the army of Rāvan) & capable of assuming any form at will was rendered by Laxman. Thereafter Rām killed in fight all demons-Khara Trisira, Dushan & their followers in battle instigated by Suparnakhā’s words. An army of 14000 demons were killed. Having heard the slaughter of fellow demons, Rāvan became violent with anger & sought help from Māricha

Māricha dissuaded him saying-Rāvan it is not proper for you to enter into hostility with the mighty & powerful Rām, but disregarding his words, Rāvan incited his fate & left for the hermitage of Rām along with Māricha. With deceit, he drew the princes Ram & Laxman far away from hermitage and abducted Sitā & slaughtered vulture Jatāyu

Having seen & heard from Jatāyu, struck down by Rāvan, that Sitā had been abducted, Rām bewailed, choked with tears & his senses were dulled by distress. He was wondering who has done this heinous act & promised to give proper punishment to the perpetrator

The moment Rāvan abducted Sitā, the countdown started for his demise. Indulging in an unrighteous act is a recipe for self-destruction. Not listening to advice of wise men with sense of discrimination, will lead to complete destruction of self & all that is related to you

Prosperous countries are destroyed on account of indiscreet rulers engaged in unfair means. Having a ruler like Rāvan, Lankā filled with gems & mountainous riches perished without delay. Vile acts not as per the principles laid down by scriptures is a sure shot recipe disaster. Acts in the mode of ignorance has repercussions not only in this life but many lives to come

Krsna says in Bhagvad Gita 14.8

tamas tv ajnana-jam viddhi mohanam sarva-dehinam
pramadalasya-nidrabhis tan nibadhnati bharata

O son of Bharata, the mode of ignorance causes the delusion of all living entities. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.

Everyone under the spell of the mode of ignorance becomes mad, and a madman cannot understand what is what. Instead of making advancement, one becomes degraded. The definition of the mode of ignorance is stated in the Vedic literature: under the spell of ignorance, one cannot understand the thing as it is

Have knowledge to discriminate & learn and be very careful before act

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