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Shedding crocodile🐊tears

As Khara drove his chariot at Ram, he was suddenly cut off by gargantuan 3 headed monster Trisira who said- Why take the trouble of fighting yourself as long as I’m here. I’ll crush this puny human to his death. If I manage to kill him, you can return back to Janasthan or else proceed to fight over my body. Thus Trisira prayed for his own death speeding towards him.

A frightful battle ensued between Ram & Trisira. Thousands of arrows were bombarded but Ram managed to defend himself. Three arrows somehow managed to pierce Ram’s defense & hit his forehead. Trisira was overjoyed with his little success. Ram said-I think this is the best you can do as a warrior, maybe you wanted to offer these three flowers in worship to me.

Before blink of an eye, Ram shot 14 arrows-11 of which killed horses & destroyed his chariot & as Trisira leapt to ground,3 arrows severed his three gigantic heads & he slumped to ground with his heads rolling out in 3 different directions

As one of Trisira’s heads rolled towards Khara’s chariot wheels, his eyes welled with tears. In a short time he had lost his army of 14000 warriors, Dushan & now trusted Trisira. His tears evoked foolish rage as he darted towards Ram

Do we shed tears after mindless rage & its consequences? Think twice before entering such a cauldron of false ego fanned by emotions ! The tears we shed afterwards is a result of our own making and are fruitless.


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