Game of Life 28

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💪🏻Misplaced Ambitions❓

Incensed with total annihilation of the army, Dushan charged at Ram & pierced him with sharp arrows like thunderbolts. It annoyed Ram who shot simultaneous arrows destroying his weapons, horses, charioteer & sliced his huge arms. He fell like a broken tusk elephant, dead

After his demise, other warriors like Mahakapala with trident, Sthulakshya with broadsword, Pramathi with axe attacked Ram as if driven to their doom on the leash of fate. All 3 shortly fell like trees without branches

The sudden demise of Dushan & his main generals roused Khara to unforgivable fury & he cried-bring me head of that insignificant insect.Strong warriors,the crest jewels of Khara’s army advanced & discharged ceaseless downpour of weapons.But each of them met with an arrow from Ram’s bow,emitting flames & lay dead.In one short moment vast Dandaka forest was voiceless & was covered with carcasses

Panicked Khara & Trisiras were now left😠

One man’s misplaced ambition driven by false pride decimated so many warriors & Empire. Are we also driven by these elements in pursuit of maintaining reputation at any cost? Need to be driven by scriptural principles than false ambitions

An important lesson for all leaders having responsibilities to lead subjects.



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