Game of Life 24

Game of Life 25

Pawns at the hands ♟

Khara sent 14 best demon warriors with his sister for taking revenge. As they whirled aloft their tridents & roared in anger, Ram placed upon bow string 14 arrows, flaming as Sun & sharp enough to pierce mountains. Before demons could hurl their weapons, Ram shot them & they fell like ninepins, bereft of their lives with blood streaming like torrents from their bodies. Surpanakha was aghast seeing this & ran back to deliver awful news to brother Khara.

As he saw his favorite sister groveling again, Khara said-Didn’t I send with you my foremost generals as lords of death? Why these tears again? This time Surpanakha was bent to rouse his brother to go himself to fight, said-You did dispatch 14 best warriors, but they were but chaff before fiery arrows of Rama & are now dead. I sink now in ocean of grief feeling you don’t have enough steel to fight Ram.

If you don’t fight now, hang yourself in shame & run away to save your worthless life. You’re living lie & walking sham in garb of warrior who feels himself in the grip of awe at mere mention of 2 human beetles.

Khara was thus roused being scolded & prepared himself to fight without even thinking about the strength of other side.

Do we allow ourselves to be used as instruments by others? Do we analyse the ulterior motives of others to be driven unnecessarily into something which does not concern us? Are we vigilant? 



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