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The person who is enthusiastic attains everything through hard work and efforts and can subdue all his enemies.
– Rig Veda




Dr. Srimathy Kesan, Founder & CEO of a leading Science and Technology incubator- “Space Kidz India” (SKI), is helping children reach out to the stars, quite literally. Launched in 2011, Space Kidz India has designed and pioneered multiple programs that are aimed at creating the next generation of scientific thinkers in India.

Driven with a mission to disrupt the mundanity of the Indian education system, Dr. Srimathy has broken ground in a hitherto uncharted avenue called “Space Education” through her unique programs, aimed at grooming India’s future scientists. Her ultimate goal is to lay the foundation for a World-renowned Space University with a manufacturing port in India.


  • Srimathy is the only Indian to be decorated with the Ambassador status to the top 3 Space centers of the World, NASA, ESA and GCTC – Moscow 
  • She has also authored a Space Fictional storybook – “First kids on the Moon”, – the First ever Space fiction book for children in India, which was officially launched by Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai on 8th Oct 2020.
  • Apart from Space Education, SKI is also devoted to promoting education through culture. Dr. Srimathy believes that art plays a major role in the assimilation and synthesis of learning. In this regard, SKI created history during the 2012 Olympics by becoming the first cultural unit selected from a prestigious list of 22,000 artists to perform at the London Olympics.
  • Dr.Srimathy is also an avid social activist, her education through social awareness theme educates the future generation of India on several social issues that plague the society, and is aimed at strengthening India’s roots through critical questioning and engagement.
  • She has presented a paper at the Oxford Debate, University of Future which was organised by Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK.
  • Dr. Srimathy has undertaken several AIDS-related awareness programs and fundraisers.
  • Global Women in Leadership – GCPIT- Brand India Global Vision- 2021
  • “Inspirational Global Woman Award 2020” by The Hindu
  • “Most Inspirational Women Lead Tech organization in South Asia 2020” by Corporate Vision, AI Global Media Ltd.
  • Unified Brains and Asia African Chamber had conferred the title of being one of the “ Most Admired Global Indian” in the space industry to Dr. Srimathy Kesan on the 25th Jan 2020 at New Delhi.
  • Only Indian to receive the “Regal British Award” at the House of Lords, UK in the Trilateral Global Summit 2019 by World Humanitarian Drive.
  • Received the Title “The Name in Science and Education” from Oxford University, UK.
  • Received the Title “The Name in Science and Education” by The Socrates Committee –
    United Kingdom.
  • “Enterprising Women Entrepreneur“ Award by the Ministry of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise (MSME).
  • Received “THE” Award – Technology, Healthcare, Environment at Radiant Wellness Conclave- 2019, Chennai.
  • “Best Social Entrepreneur Award 2019” was awarded by FICCI FLO.
  • “Working Women Achievers Award” (WWAA) 2019 by OORUNI Foundation.
  • Received “Nakshathra Nangai” Award by SAIL Foundation.
  • Women of the year in Science and Technology – AMN Global Trust.
  • Women of the year in Science and Technology category – Women Entrepreneur Development Organisation.
  • Golden Disk Award from India books of records World Record Union.
  • MAYAN Awards by Vista India by Dr.Kiran Bedi
  • Received “Nation’s Supreme Pride” Award by Panimalar Institutions, Chennai.
  • The Legendary Lioness Lifetime Achievement Award India 2018– VR ONENESS FOUNDATION.
  • Most Inspiring Innovative Entrepreneur Award – South Indian Startup Awards (SISA)
  • Woman of the Nation Award – International Educational and charitable society.
  • Women Achiever of the year Excellence in the field of Science and Technology category – Raindrops.
  • Abdul Kalam Award – for Science and Technology category.
  • Women Icon 2017 by BERG and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Innovative Educationalist 2017 by Pondicherry College.
  • Sthri Utsav – Vidya Award 2017 by Shri Venkateshwara Vidyalaya, Chennai.
  • Pride of India — 2016 awarded by CNBC and 1000 Petals Foundation, Bangalore.
  • 7th World Education Award 2016 – in the category Innovative in Pedagogical Learning awarded by Elets.
  • Role Model of the year – 2016.
  • Women Achiever of the year — 2016.
  • Indian Icon — 2015 awarded by Times India News and Meher News 27th June 2015.

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