Bhagavad Gita in Simple Terms – Part 2

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Vibhooti Yoga – Chapter 10

In continuation of the 5th Shloka we saw in the last section, we will see the 6th and 7th Shlokas in this section

महर्षयः सप्त पूर्वे चत्वारो मनवस्तथा
मद्भावा मानसा जाता एषाम् लोक इमा प्रजाः

एतां विभूतिं योगं च मम यो वेत्ति तत्त्वतः
सोSविकंपेन योगेन युज्यते नाSत्र संशयः

Maharshayah saptha poorvae chatvaaro manavasthathaa
Madbhaavaa maanasaa jaathaa eshaam loka ima prajaah

Ethaam vibhoothim yogam cha mama yo vetthi thattvatah
So(a)vikampena yogena yujyathe naathra samshayah

— Shlokas 6 & 7

महर्षयः — the great Rishis;

सप्त — seven;

पूर्वे — in the beginning (of Creation) –> a reference to the Seven Rishis Athri, Bhrigu, Kuthsa, Vasishta, Gautama, Kaashyapa and Angiiras, who were the first of Brahma’s Creation at the very beginning of Creation

चत्वारो — four;

मनवस्तथा — Manus, the earliest Human Patriarchs from whom the entire human race is said to have originated (there were FOUR Manus in the beginning, Daksha, Ikshvaku etc.)

मद्भावा — born out of me;

मानसा  जाता — created from the Creative Power of the Lord (Maanasaa literally means they were born from my thoughts — since all creations begin with a thought, this can be taken as a symbolic statement)

एषाम् लोक — this world;

इमा प्रजाः — all the people who reside in the world

एतां विभूतिं — this Glory;

योगं — Activity, Divine Act of Creation, Power;

च — conjunction “AND”;

मम — my, belonging to me;

यो वेत्ति — one who knows;

तत्त्वतः — in full measure, in totality (one who learns and understands this Glory and Power of Mine in full measure…

सो — that peson;

अविकंपेन योगेन — with unflinching focus and dedication,meditates upon,devoutly dwells upon;

युज्यते — Unites with me

नाSत्र संशयः — there can be NO doubt in this


Through these two Shlokas, the Lord says, that the ENTIRE Universe together with its earliest Human Patriarchs and all of its people are produced from HIM alone. One who learns this Glory of the Lord and constantly meditates upon these Glories will eventually Unite with HIM, let there be no doubt in this. (This UNION is referred to as Moksha or Liberation in our Scriptures)


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