Danseuse performs Musical Cognitive Therapy

The function of the artist in a disturbed society is to give awareness of the universe, to ask the right questions, and to elevate the mind.

Marina Abramovic





  • Graduate with Psychology Honours from Ranchi University (placed First Class Second)
  • M.Sc. in Applied Psychology from Kolkata University and a Career Counsellor.
  • Done Executive course in computer.
  • Dance Teacher and a Clinical Psychologist
  • Conducts a flourishing dance centre ‘Suchanda’ at her residence, where students of all age groups are taught Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Folk Dance, Manipuri, Kathakali, Dance with Rabindra Sangeet and creative dance. The students appear for dance examinations conducted by Prayag Sangeet Samiti. 
  • She gives lecture demonstration to foreign delegations from Germany and USA. She also gave demonstrations to artistes in Pina Bausch’s group when they were in Kolkata.
  • She has been teaching Indian classical dances to the students of International Partnership For Service Learning(IPSL), which is based in New York for the last ten years.
  • Received “Sangeet Prabhakar” title for Kathak from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, in 1978. Placed in First Division with distinction.
  • Received “Sangeet Praveen” title (which is equivalent to Master’s Degree M.A.) for Kathak (Theory and Practical) from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, in 1991. Placed in First Division and stood First in India in order of merit and received Gold Medal. (Prayag Sangeet Samiti is the most renowned and prestigious University of Classical Dance and Music in India).
  • Been a Judge for Nehru Talent Search Competition for more than 8 years.
  • Examiner of theoretical and practical examination of Classical Indian dances at Allahabad, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, etc. 
  • She was invited as Guest Professor by the Department of Applied Theater Science of Justus Liebig University (Giessen, Germany) to teach the Theory and Practice of Kathak Dance for the winter semester of 2005. She is the first Indian Kathak artiste to receive this honour.
  • Combined natya sashtra with psycho analysis and cognitive behaviour therapy. Introduced this unique therapy methodology in Austria, Korea and Cambridge.
  • Through the years she has brought together psychology and Kathak to create a new genre of performing arts.
  • She believes that performing arts has therapeutic effect on human well-being. 
  • Her focus is to bring about peace and harmony through her various innovative dance renditions.
  • English, Hindi and Bengali

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Scholars like Rabindranath Tagore  and Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.
Parents, grandparents and Dance gurus, in addition to her own children.
Leadership is a beautiful positive quality which shows the path of truth to everyone. A leader has a burning inner truth that brightens the lives of people around her. This ultimate inner truth should give meaning and positivity to the lives of this generation and the generations to follow.
Rather than nagging or fighting, it is better to have a positive approach – be humble and polite.
Success is not determined by the society. It is determined by us. Self satisfied woman is a successful woman. Personal and professional success depends on the goal one has set. It is not the fame or money that determines success, rather the passion of doing a job and paving the way for your followers makes a woman successful.

Some Tips given by Our Empress

Discover and nurture your unique talents. Avoid the luxury of self pity. 
Enjoy your profession. Do it for the sake of pure enjoyment and not for fame or money.
Performing Artists should do rigorous practice and dedicate oneself to one’s passion. 

Why we find her Impressive

She acknowledges life as a battlefield, especially for women leaders. For a woman to be a successful leader, a loving wife and a caring mother, one should be ready to face the challenges.

She leads a beautiful life fulfilling the needs of her family members, doing her household chores and finds her time for herself & for her passion – dance and music. 

Her philosophy is to be like a Hansa (Swan) which takes out milk from a solution of milk and water. Hurdles are like water and opportunities are like milk for her.

14 thoughts on “Danseuse performs Musical Cognitive Therapy”

  1. First of all, I feel very fortunate to listen to a conversation between two beautiful souls .. it was a great experience to hear a person who has the same dimension of thoughts like us..The questions were precise and clear!!!

    The topic “Impressive Empress” is really Impressive

    I liked the start with Tagore’s quote..

    Ms. Suragama’s reply was very plausible.
    Be it the truth or existence, true leadership qualities like true to oneself and torch bearers …Handling the hurdles without face to face fight but with the power of love and dedication and hard work ….about religion and INDIAN values and connecting with nature and souls…. and the definition of Success… at the end with Advice to younger generations never be the in the Luxury of self pity…

    Truly Amazing !!!! Amazing !!!! Amazing!!!!

    End touch about Sustainable Success was impeccably highlighted

    The very end “We are the power”…”True leaders are the torch bearers of the society “was truly inspirational

    On the whole … Hats off to you Malathi🙏🙏🙏I wish you many more success in all your future work👍👍👍

  2. Following the inner truth, believing in yourself, empowering with the story of her own life.. as Guru Surangama‘s student based abroad, I count myself fortunate and grateful to learn along with the dance, her way of living life in this hectic world. Inspiring for all generation.

  3. Amazing ! Have always had the good fortune of hearing about and learning from her unconventional wisdom, views and indomitable spirit. Truly inspiring.

  4. The philosophy and work of Sri Surangama is an inspiration for women who want to make something of themselves in a world dominated by men and their morals. Her spirit for life is contagious and has touched the lives of many and she continues to shower her grace on everyone around her. Such humility is rare to find in an artist of her repute and she is a big inspiration for women like me. I will always think of her in the journey towards my aim in life and find strength in her kindness, love and compassion for the whole wide world. She is an idol of strength and compassion and that is a beautiful way to lead life.

  5. An wonderful speech by Surangama maam. I am privileged to be close bond with maam. She is very promising in the field of psychology. Her work on performing rt therapy as cognitive therapy is going to rock the world.

  6. What a riveting interview! Such beautiful, eloquent, inspirational, powerful, and positive words. I feel so empowered when I see women thriving and overcoming the obstacles that society and others throw at them. You addressed so many important and relevant points, such as cultural differences, some of the youth’s obsession with fame and money, and the beauty of Indian culture. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, for being so honest, and for making others around you feel at mental peace and happy. It is amazing how you continue to help so many people and spread your knowledge. Hearing about the relationships you forged with your gurus and students, is so heartwarming. You are so giving and loving, I have sincere gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom with us. It was such a pleasure to listen to this. 😊

    1. Thanks so much. It was so enjoyable talking to Surangama and get to know about the transformative work that she is doing.

  7. Suramya Pushan Dasgupta

    A beautiful experience reading and listening to Sri Surangama. I have the greatest privilege of calling her my dear mother and have felt her wonderful presence in every aspect of my life. The true essence of living an artist’s life is most amazingly summarized here, through her ideology and this lovely website platform.

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