Collectibles – Part 2

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Continuing from Part 1 ………

While I am myself not a toxophilist – one who collects bows & arrows – I am enthralled by the life history one such person – SRI RAMACHANDRA. Reading Srimad Ramayana, a very entertaining life history of this great person, helps understand the vagaries of life and gives us valuable lessons for life – lessons that help one cope with life’s challenges with equable disposition. 

The Ramayana talks about the Code of Conduct pertaining to the individual, the family and the society. Centered on the principle of Unity in Diversity, the epic teaches us the moral, social and ethical values, that are as relevant today as they were, then.  Dealing with the needs of individuals as biological organisms, the requisites of coordinated social interaction and, the survival & welfare needs of groups, one can learn about a vast variety of values from Ramayana. Honesty, tolerance, humility, loyalty, courage, duties, relationships, money, equality of race & creed, society, management principles, … the endless list of values that one can imbibe from this great epic has been an inspiration from time immemorial. 

Ramayana is a wonderful story for both children and elders alike. It is known as the “Aadi Kavyam”, meaning the oldest of all literature and is a great source of guidance on righteous living that has stood up to the test of time. “So long as the Himalayas stand, so long as the rivers flow, so will the Ramayana remain a treasured. It will be famous in the world as long as life continues”, said Lord Brahma. It remains to be true to this day inspiring millions of people, breaking through both religion and linguistic barriers across the world. 

The entire Ramayana is beautifully woven with stores that takes one through a path of self evolution. According to Indranath Choudhuri, Rama and Sita are the Dharma of life, the way, motion and hope of life. It is not merely a poetic composition but it is history (Itihas). It is the eternal history of India. It is the devotion and worship of India. India’s subscription and commitment to ideals are depicted in the Ramayana. We have to understand how the people of the entire country have been receiving and perceiving the ideals of the Ramayana for thousands of years with reverence and astonishment. 

The great epic deals with the values like satya (truth) and dharma, devotion and renunciation, pleasure bhoga(enjoyment) and tyaga (renunciation), love and hate, myth and history. 

Do leave your comments on the values you like from this great Epic. 


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