A Social Entrepreneur’s Mindful Journey


Each man and woman, that is to say, when perfectly educated, becomes an epitome of the history either of his or her own race, or of Humanity as a whole.

— Sister Nivedita




A school teacher and a social activist with innovative ideas. She has a B.Sc. in Microbiology and ha further done MA, B.Ed.. She can speak 6 languages.  She says that Home is the best school for any child and believes in the motherly approach to find out the solution to any problem. Presently, working as Chairperson of FHDAF – Foundation for Holistic Development in Academic Field, she aims to bring about a change in the education system.

Through the Foundation, she & her team address the need of social and emotional wellbeing of the students through different projects like EHSAS (Enhancing Harmony by Serving Above Self), Mothers (to alert and make mothers aware of the challenges not only for their children but also extend a hand to the needy ones), First lady of academic institutions (Gurumata) and T the T (Train the Trainer) to create a volunteer base for the EHSAS, MOTHERS and FIRST LADY.

Her Mission Statement at FHDAF is “Let’s come together to create tomorrow’s socially and emotionally balanced citizens. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.”



  • Received the Nari Shakthi Swaroopa 2018 from the Uttar Pradesh Government 
  • Convened the first ever International Conference titled “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam & The Role of Mothers” attended by Mothers from 7 different countries. 
  • Travelled from India to England – 4 mothers, 22,000 Kms, 23 countries, 60 days – by self-driven car to study and bring awareness about Role of a Mother in bringing up children with values, under the name MOTHERS ON WHEELS.
  • Started project EHSAS that aims to become a bridge between students and the authorities to solve the various issues of students owing to the emotional and psychological needs.
  • Through her Gurumata or First Lady Concept, on academic campuses,  she’s promoting extended mother’s heart in the form of unconditional love, help and an unbiased approach to the students.

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In this conversation, you will 

  • Understand the skills that help Madhuri be a Social Entrepreneur.
  • Get to know about her process of decision making 
  • Understand what makes HOME, the first school for any child and the importance of the Mother’s Role in the emotional wellbeing of a child.
  • Learn the importance of Introspection & Mindfulness
  • Know the biggest barrier that prevents women from assuming Leadership roles.
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