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Our thoughts are very powerful. Our destiny gets shaped as per our thoughts. You will end up getting what you want for sure.  If your thoughts are always negative, you will get more and more frustrated in your life. If you strongly believe that your life is full of problems and all problems gang up to attack you, you will spend the rest of your life addressing problems only. If you constantly think that you are blessed, you will continue to remain blessed ever.

Thiruvalluvar said in his thirukkural

உள்ளுவ தெல்லாம் உயர்வுள்ளல் மற்றது

தள்ளினுந் தள்ளாமை நீர்த்து  Thirukkural 596

Translation : In all your thoughts, let your aim be loftly still
Even if you fail to achieve don’t stop thinking high.

Elevate your thoughts and Enhance your life.


Ancient Indian poet Kalidasa shared profound insights on the gift of living fully in the present. His lyrical verse “Look to This Day” beautifully captures the essence of being grounded in the here and now rather than dwelling on past regrets or future worries. 

Kalidasa sees today as the most vital point, urging us to immerse ourselves completely in the privilege of simply being alive. Reconnecting with his timeless wisdom can inspire much-needed presence amidst our chaotic times.

For yesterday is already a dream
and tomorrow is only a vision;
but today, well-lived,
makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of
Look well, therefore, to this
Such is the salutation of the Dawn.  
–   Mahakavi Kalidasa, Translated from Sanskrit


What a great way to start the day..


A story on the power of our mind

There was a sage who lived in the mountains and was known for performing miracles. Our hero wanted to become the most powerful man in the town and reached out to the sage after a long and tiresome journey.

Our hero asked the sage about his miraculous power to which the sage replied “I am a simple man and I have no idea about miracles”.

Our hero did not want to give up. He stayed back in the ashram and started performing petty jobs for the sage in order to persuade him. One day the young man was massaging the sage’s feet and the sage asked him to stop as he wanted to sleep.

The young man replied “I will not stop until you reveal your power to me. Everyone in the town is saying that you have ascetic powers.”

Looking at his determination on the power, the sage answered “OK, I will teach you a very powerful spell. Your wish will come true if you recite this spell nine times along with your wish”. Young man was happy that he got what he wanted and started to collect his things to leave the ashram.

Sage said in meek tone “But there is one condition for the spell to work”

Young man was impatient and asked the sage to explain the condition.

Sage answered “To make your wish come true, you have to concentrate on it in full silence. And, most importantly, you should not think about the yellow monkey!”

“Oh, that’s not any problem!” the young man said leaving the ashram. “I never think about any monkey, anyway”.

On the way home he started to see some faces. But he was in a hurry and did not pay much attention to it. When he reached his home, it seemed to him that the monkeys looked at him from all the windows. “What a delusion?” he thought. But that was only the beginning! As soon as he sat down with a wish, and told a spell, the monkeys surrounded him. They screamed, built the smiley faces, pulled his clothes. It was unbearable!

When the morning came, he didn’t want to try the spell again. He just wanted to sleep. But in vain! The monkeys tormented him everywhere.

The next evening the young man visited the sage again.

He asked the sage furiously “I accepted you as my teacher and what you have done to me is not fair? I almost went crazy! Take your spell back and free my mind. Instead of teaching me the miracles,  you have developed the monkey mind in me”.

The sage said smilingly “It is not my fault. I warned you that I do not know any miracle. Moreover, I wanted to show you how undeveloped and enslaved is your mind. The miracle is within you, and you are searching for it in my ashram. Your mind is the miracle you are going behind and that miracle can create yellow monkeys as well as fulfil your wishes and the keys to activate your mind in the positive direction is with you”.


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