How can I contribute to a more developed India

If you are reading this that means I am addressing atleast 20 % privileged class of my country. If you have ever ventured to some villages of India or to the slums you should be  aware of life and challanges of people there. What are the goals and priorities of their life ? Will they ever be able to come out of vicious circle of poverty is a question we should ask.

We are contributing to our poor brethrens by contributing taxes to government. Administration has a gigantic task cut out in front of it to ensure that government subsidies and benefits reach the needy’s and PDS leakage is reduced. The new government has begun well and I see lot of hope and positivity in the air to tackle this menace of corruption which we have nurtured from times even before independence.
Government effort in right direction has a limited potential but when it could meet with Citzens effort, potential is limitless.
Some of the ways in which I can think of are
1. Saving Fuel  :  Let us compare what happens to our money when we spend money on fuel rather than  eating out at some restaurant. The burden on our pocket is the same but it is way different for our economy. When we buy fuel the money ultimately escapes our economy and in  increases our current account deficit. At the same time fuel also pollutes the environment. If we all can reduce our fuel consumption even by one litre per month (its not difficult) cumulatively it will have tremendous impact  on environment and on our economy.
Some suggestions 
a) Using public transport instead of personal vehicle :  In addition to this being cheaper it will also save your time which would be spent in driving. Use this time to invent some more wonderful ideas that can lead our country 
b) Using cycling / Walking / running /Skating rather then taking our bike or car  : If your city permits it you can do it for short distances. You will realise that these short distances cumulatively add up and lead to more than hour of activity. Short walks are good for your health and also help you connect with yourself and environment. I was pleasently surprised to know through my app that i everyday walk for more than an hour.
c) Driving style :  Change in driving style can help you save fuel. Drive with awareness and make your life safer. i.e shutting engine in traffic or running at economy speed can bew few suggestions. Since it taxes the environment too its worth taking the pain. Very soon saving fuel will be your habit.
d) Using Solar cooker to cook food :  Cooking food using solar cooker will also preserve nutrients and will taste great ( food nutrients stay preserved when food is cooked at low temperatures). Taste bhi health bhi.. 
e) Soaking pulses and rice in water before cooking :  In case you are not able to use solar cooker this simple step will reduce your LPG usage. You will also be contributing to control of global warming. Really beneficial if you have some property at coastal area :P. Years since 1990s have been warmest in recorded history . Who knows if our small efforts can save human race from escaping the fate of dinosaurs.
2. Saving electricity : Now we have many Indians who dont have access to electricity or face power cuts due to lack of electricity. While government will be upgrading its infrastructure our steps can help in lighting few houses and the good news is that we will also be reducing our electricity bills. some steps are
  • Using LED bulbs in place of CFL lamps and never using normal bulbs
  • Using Solar Energy for water heating :  Solar powered water heater will greatly reduce your electricity bill.
  • Using solar panel based electricity as a component : Get a small solar panel and use its electricity as a component. 
  • Conscious use of electricity
3. Volunteering for Community Service  : Let’s remember how privileged we are. A visit to slum or to a village school will open new vistas in front of us. The concerns of people living there are totally different. Even the younger generation is bereft of the advantages of education due to corruption and super poor quality of teachers generally speaking. Our volunteering to teach them will secure future of our country. And trust me , Your help will come back to you manifolded thousand times. So contact any NGO nearby and chip in your time. Trust me you will feel great.
4. Swaccha Bharat :  Is it practical to expect that government authorities will be able to clean our neigbourhood while citizens themselves keep on throwing wastage here and there. I have been living in one of top 7 global cities of the world in terms of comfort and know that it is clean due to the fact that we throw garbage in the bin. We have to take initiatives because it is our country and it is our home. 
5. Polythenes : Please pressurise your government to ban polythene bags. In the country where i live it is priced at 20 Euro cents i.e Rs 18 per polythene, resulting in all reusing the same polythene bag when i shop. Could we follow the same model in India. Besides most of India would be cleaned if we can just get rid of polythene in our garbage.

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