Game of Life – Part 13: The Extra Mile

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⚒Make efforts to go extra mile🚓

Ram, Laxman & Sita travelled far & wide in Dandaka forest feasting their eyes on scenic beauty-Mountains, woods, streams, hillocks, pools, flowers, animals, birds etc. It was sunset as they reached a beautiful lake where lovely lotuses carpeted its waters

From the crystal depths of the lake arose the sound of songs, music & dance although there was no creature around. Ram asked a sage reason for the same. He replied-This is due to sage Mandakarni, who practiced strict austerities. Indra & other devas were afraid that sage was striving for a place amongst them & sent 5 Apsaras to entangle him in love. They did & he still stays with the celestial damsels in a mansion inside this lake. The sweet music heard is due to their ornaments & dance

10 long years passed in the forest enjoying the hospitality of holy men. The trio of Ram, Laxman & Sita again came back to Sage Sutikshna’s hermitage. Ram asked-O venerable sage! Hermits informed me that Maharishi Agastya has his abode in this forest. Pls guide me to locate it as I would like to meet saintly sage & serve him

Most of the time, we limit ourselves in the comfort zone and don’t venture out to seek new avenues. Either in professional or in personal lives, it is very important to walk the extra mile, engage with all stakeholders, look for opportunities to gain new insights
Sri Ram would find new perspectives & gains as he would endeavor to meet Sage Agastya!

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