Game of Life 33

Game of Life 33

👂🏻Hearing about Rivals👇🏻

Gathering at the courtroom was partying in full swing with music, dance & liquor flowing like water. Dashanan Ravana was enjoying the evening & feeling of full control over others was an extra intoxicant to him. As merry making reached the crescendo, a strange sight caught hold of his eyes & he abruptly stood up infuriated. All eyes turned👀

Demon Akampana, sole survivor of battle at Janasthan, who’d fled hotfoot to Lanka, was standing in the middle dressed like a woman. With abject fear in eyes, he was weeping as he bowed before Ravana & said-My Lord, Khara, Dushan & all the army had been destroyed in battle. I alone survived to bring the news, thanks to my ingenuity to dress as woman & escape arrows of Rām

His piteous cries reddened Ravana’s eyes, his cruel glances resembled great fire of dissolution at the end of world. He roared-Who is it that has become tired of his life? Who casts himself in the fire of my wrath unable to find refuge in all creation? Has Indra, Kuber, Yama or Vishnu dared to displease me & want to live in peace? I’m death of death, I’m fire that consumes fire & I’m time that consumes time. There is no one who understands my might

How do we react when listening about our competitors? Do we boast or do an honest analysis of them? 



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