Game of Life 27

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Approaching doom☠

Khara & his army of 14000 demons approached Ram’s hermitage & found him standing with bow in hand & smiling. Ram foresaw this happening

Khara deemed it a child’s work to conquer Ram. He shot a stream of arrows & roared like a lion while other warriors directed dark clouds like streams of huge maces, broadswords, tridents, javelins, scimitars & battle axes on Ram. As they rained ceaseless torrent of arrows, it looked like huge clouds advancing upon the Sun with thunder & lightning

Blazing with wrath, Ram drew his terrible bow almost to a circle & dispatched thousands of feathered arrows.These blazing merchants of death destroyed thousands of wicked demons like fire scorching dry forest & rivers of blood formed. Lucky ones ran for their life toppling over corpses

Incensed by the annihilation of the army, Dushan now prepared himself to attack. He still thought of Ram as a puny human whom he can defeat easily

Lord Ram’s mission was to wipe out the demons as per his promise to sages. With one master stroke, he gathered all demons of Dandaka forest in one place, who never realized his power and came like insects attracted to fire.One act of defacing Surpanakha, made his cumbersome task simple

How do we plan our fights-Intelligently or emotionally? The strategy should be carefully drawn out before we enter a confrontation, about what to achieve & whom to serve. It should not be for any self-aggrandizement



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