Game of Life 25

Game of Life 26

Surpanakha insults & taunts in presence of ministers & warriors were too much for Khara.He roared-I would now proceed to decimate puny human worms & chop them to pieces.Ordering his brother Dushan, said-prepare my army of 14000 messengers of death to march immediately towards Panchvati

Khara’s splendid war-chariot dazzled, towering like mount Meru, it was adorned with molten gold & gems. It rested upon wheels of gold & yoke-poles studded with diamonds. Golden bells chimed & gleaming weapons adorned it all over. Entire army was arranged in crescent moon formation & it moved forward with loud war drums & hollering men. But something was amiss with bad omens obvious to see-twitching left shoulders, howling wolves, elephants walking sideways, meteors falling…

Akampana, Ravan’s uncle & an intelligent minister came to Khara & said-It is better to be realistic than be only enthusiastic in war. As much we rely on our strength, we must also rely on our brain to guide us. Far too many ill omens point that today is not our day. I’m your well wisher & request you to reconsider this war. Ram is not just a mere mortal

Akampana’s words only spurred anger in Khara & he pushed him aside & his wise words, marching forward

Do we also act the same?



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