Game of Life 20

Game of Life 21-Impose or Propose

Impose 💪🏻 or Propose

Ram asked Surpankha-Who she was & why she came here in Panchvati?

The giant demoness, far gone in overmastering her unholy love said-I’m a demoness & change shapes at will. I delight in roaming through forests all alone & all beings tremble at my approach. No obstacles stay my course & no dangers daunt my heart. Mighty Ravana is my brother whom all demons on earth proudly obey. I’ve two other brothers-Kumbhakarna, biggest & strongest of all beings & Vibhishan. Heroes of thousand battles-Khara & Dushan, are my brothers too, but none of these have any control over me & I obey my own sweet will

I came here impelled by my desire to woo & win you. No power in heaven or earth can stop me achieving this. I’d like to marry you & see long years of happiness together. This Sita can’t stand in front of me & looks like a painted doll, frail & weak. Your brother also is not a match & would be a toothsome morsel for me. Say Yes! & then we roam at our will thro’ forests & live happily ever

At times we impose not propose. This approach in most cases has no takers if we are building a team or approaching clients for business. A healthy discussion where views are exchanged not forced makes you heard & accepted. This lays foundation for positive engagement

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