Game of Life – 19 – Surpanakha

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As Ram was in deep talk with Laxman & others, a demoness came unexpectedly just as Rahu approaches a radiant moon in company of bright constellation of stars

Surpanakha was the favorite sister of Ravana. Her eyes fell upon Ram, as he sat there in all majestic beauty. Broad & leonine chest, long & powerful arms reaching below knees, eyes lovely as petals of full blown lotus with charming complexion rivalling delicate beauty of blue lilies. He was clad in lowly garb of hermits but signs of high royalty shown thro’ the cloud of adversity. Fairer than God of love, more radiant than millions of Suns, the ever charming Ram with valor & prowess stole heart of Surpanakha

But she was in complete contrast-frightful look, red eyes emitting dull glow, mane of flaming red, rasping raucous tone with treachery & deceit in her words. Ram was the most handsome & she as ugly as sin. She roared-What brought you here in the wild with your wife & companion. These are the haunts of demons

Ram simply replied-I am son of King Dasratha, this is my brother Laxman who chose to come with me in the forest & she is Sita, daughter of king of Videhas. We came here on command of our parents & are following Dharma

In situations as such we often forget simple & give complex answers. Sometimes giving straight answers to others’ questions is what solves the situation. Our inhibitions & preconceived notions makes our replies complex making situation difficult.


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