Significance of Lord Surya Bhagavan

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Lord Surya Bhagavan being the only God visible to Human eye, is referred as “Prathyaksha Daivam”. The Sun God, seen as a ball of fire, is also called by twelve other names as Ravi, Bhaskara, Mitra, Surya, Bhanu, Kha, Pusha, Hiranyagrabha, Marichin, Aditya, Savitr and Arka as per Hindu Mythology.

Lord Surya Bhagavan is portrayed on a chariot which is drawn by seven horses and Lord Arunan is his charioteer. The wheels of the chariot are called Dharma chakra. Lord of Dharma, Lord Yama is the son of Surya Bhagavan.

Highlighting an episode of conversation, the Yaksha prashna from the famous epic Mahabharatha between Lord Yama and Pandava puthra Yudhisthira, where the significance of Lord Surya is discussed.

Disguised as Yaksha, Lord Yama questions Yudhistrira. Being an embodiment of Dharma intellectual Yudhisthira, the Dharma Putra, of all the sons of Kunti Devi, replies convincingly to the questions of Lord Yama.

This dialogue conversation happens in Vana parva, i.e the part of the story which happens during their forest exile.

Yaksha questions Yudistrira, Who makes the Sun rise?

The all-pervading Brahman replies Yudhistra. Thus, confirming us the importance of Sun God.

Who accompanies the Sun God?, enquired Yaksha.

All the devas and devatha accompany the Sun God, said Dharmaputra.

Who causes the Sun to set?

Anything that starts should end, what goes comes back, is the law of Dharma or even Karma. So Dharma actually set’s the Sun to set, said Yudhistra.

And finally, what is the Sun established in?

Confident Yudhistra replies, Sun God is a symbol of dharma and Dharma is truth by itself. Sun God establishes himself in nothing other than truth, Sathyam. There is only one Sun governing set of planets, while there are many more Moons. That’s because he is the truth and can stand alone by itself.

Getting back to importance of the chariot wheel, it’s believed that time duration for one full rotation of the wheel corresponds to one year and is termed as Samvatsara, a definition of a time unit. The Ashoka Chakra in our Indian national flag is supposed to be from Buddhism, which is Surya Bhagavan’s Dharmachakra. The wheel itself is a symbol of Karma too, reminding about birth and rebirth happening in a cyclic process. Jagathguru Adhi Sankaracharya expresses this model of life as ’Samsara’ in his Advaita philosophy.

The seven horses of the chariot represent the seven colors of the rainbow. Lord Arunan Bhagavan is considered as the early rays of light before the sun rise. This auspicious time of the is entitled Brahma muhurtham. Relating the importance of Sun God to day-to-day life, Brahma Muhrutham is the best time period to practice Yoga. Renowned Yoga prodigy, Sri. Thrimalai Krishnamacharya quotes, at Brahma Muhurtham: Think of God; if not God, think of Sun; if not Sun, think of Parents.

Aditya Hridayam, recited by Agastya Mahamuni is one of the main mantras on Lord Surya, considered to be a kind of Kavach or Armour. It is a hymn recited on the battleground of Lanka ,Where Lord Rama fought with King Ravana to rescue Sita Devi.

To conclude, few verses from Bhagavath Geetha, where Lord Krishna utters to Arjuna.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, sloka1


इमं विवस्वते योगं प्रोक्तवानहमव्ययम् ।
विवस्वान्मनवे प्राह मनुरिक्ष्वाकवेऽब्रवीत् ॥ १ ॥

śrī-bhagavān uvāca

imaṁ vivasvate yogaṁ
proktavān aham avyayam
vivasvān manave prāha
manur ikṣvākave ’bravīt


In the above stances Sri krishna refers Sun God as Vivasvan, to whom he himself imparted science of yoga and the later the Ganana was transferred to Manu,the foremost in Manushya Kula i.e Human species and then later Manu went to transfer the yogic knowledge to Ikshvaaku, a King in Surya clan, from where lord Sri Rama descended.

If Sri Krishna chooses Sun God to transfer the knowledge that has to be later transferred to human beings, one should consider the importance of Surya Bhagavan in our daily life and pay due respect to Lord Surya.

From today, lets look at Surya Bhagavan with more power, elements and attributes that our Gurus and Maharishis have mentioned, than a ball of fire staring at us. Lord Surya is superior in greatness and always close to our heart.

In his “Ray of light”, lets “Shine”.


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