The Power of Emotional Bonding

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Just as a flower gives out its fragrance to whom so ever approaches or uses it, so love from within us radiates towards everybody and manifests as spontaneous service

— Swami Ramdas




Shraddha Marathe, a dietician by profession working as a freelancer and also associated with Deendayal Research Institute, Delhi. She is a founder member of Foodrik, a web portal related to Nutrition and Wellness for children and their parents. 

After having served professionally in hospitals, fitness centers, she is now contributing to the grass root community and generations to come. According to Shraddha, sticking to one’s own roots helps one grow stronger. The emotional bonding with mother nature as well with our own people is very important, this, she asserts, can happen only through cultural and traditional aspects. She is currently working on documenting these aspects through folklore related to Nutrition and Water culture.

She considers herself to be a confident, motivational, positive person who takes life as a challenge and lives happily through the ups and downs.


  • Founder member at FOODRIK, web portal on Nutrition and Health for 2 years to teens and their parents
  • Organised and coordinated a total 35 workshops / seminars / chaupal all over India for Jal and Poshan Sanskriti Folklore documentation
  • Delivered a lecture at International Convention on Perspectives to Face Contemporary Challenges of Agricultural Development at ICAR, Pusa campus, New Delhi on 19th, February, 2020. The subject was, “Nutritional Practices through Cultural aspects and Traditional Wisdom
  • Delivered a lecture at 10th webinar organised by College of Horticulture and Forestry, Arunachal Pradesh on 17th September, 2020. The subject was , “Ethnic Food: Nutritional Health Benefits and Immune Boosting.
  • Working on Poshan Atlas Project at DRI as a Nodal Agency by women and Child Development Ministry in collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Contributes regularly to many publications.
  • Is a Subject matter Speaker at National and International Conferences, seminars and workshops
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