Ready to take the Quiz Dasavathara for Kids today September 21, 2021?


There are a total of 25 questions. Go ahead and become a Pro at this Dasavathar Quiz by taking the Quiz as many times as is required to get ALL the questions right!!

1. Demon Hiranyaksha was killed by ?
2. Mahabali is the grandson of ?
3. How many brothers did Lord Srirama have?
4. Who flew to Lanka to find Mata Sita?
5. What is the other name given to Vamana Avatar?
6. What was the first avatar (From Dasavatars) of Lord Vishnu?
7. Who is Krishna's brother?
8. What is the sequence number of Narasimha avatar?
9. Varaha means?
10. What does Kurma mean?

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