Ready to take the Quiz Srimad Ramayana - Some Easy Questions today July 26, 2021?

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1. Who was the Guru for Surya dynasty?
2. What is the name of Rama's Bow?
3. Who is the Mother of Bharata?
4. Mareecha was related to Ravana as
5. On whose advice did Ravana agree to release Hanuman after setting his tail on fire?
6. Who is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu?
7. How many obstacles did Hanuman face when crossing the sea to reach Sita?
8. From which mountain did Hanuman jump to fly to Lanka?
9. What is the name of the Yakshini turned Rakshasi who lived in the Tataka Forest?
10. How many siblings (including step sisters and brothers) did Ravana have?

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    1. The quiz is just for testing and improving one’s knowledge about Srimad Ramayana only. We do not issue certificates or prizes for taking the quiz. Enjoy all our quizzes free of cost. Thanks.

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