The rivers of India can be classified into four groups viz., Himalayan riversDeccan riversCoastal rivers, and Rivers of the inland drainage basin. There are numerous coastal rivers, which are comparatively small. While only handful of such rivers drain into the sea near the delta of east cost, there are as many as 600 such rivers on the west coast..The rivers also have an important role in Hindu Religion and are considered holy by all Hindus across the country. 

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1. Which river lent its name to India?Add description here!
2. Which River in India has the Longest Dam?
3. Which river flows between Satpura and Vindhyas?
4. Name the river with the highest tidal bore in India?
5. What is the second largest river in India?
6. The world’s highest rail bridge being constructed in the State of Jammu & Kashmir will be on which of the following rivers?
7. Which state is known as “City of Lakes”?Add description here!
8. Which of the following is not a navigable river in India?
9. Which of the following rivers makes an estuary?
10. At which place Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet and take the name Ganga?

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