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All the creatures are pleased by loving words; and therefore we should address words that are pleasing to all, for there is no lack of sweet words.

— Chanakya




Gayatri Puranik is an Entrepreneur in Germany. She was born in Mumbai and grew up mostly in Mumbai, but spent a very decisive 4 years in Bangalore without her parents, and that early experience, she believes has enabled her all along to see, accept and appreciate differences amongst people – cultural and other differences such as practiced traditions, values, mannerisms, etc..

She has a BA in Economics & Psychology from University of Mumbai and a degree in Applied Linguistics from University of Heidelberg & Mainz – Germersheim.  After working in her family company for a year, she  decided to return to Germany in Oct 1989 – 3 weeks before the Berlin wall came down on 9.November 1989! And has been living and experiencing European history in HD/FRG ever since. She started her business of Import of Ayurvedic products just before her second daughter was born. In fact, the first delivery of consignment and her daughter arrived 3 weeks apart!

 Leadership in her own words :

I think a certain kind of leadership comes naturally to everyone, as also to me. All the different steps I had the freedom to take, as a young person in India and later whilst living in Europe, continued to give me the feeling that within a certain framework I can, should and am in charge of my own life. That itself is a kind of leadership. In being a woman, I think the framework within which I can exercise my freedom is definitely different to the framework boys and men assume for themselves.

Her mission in life is
To achieve whatever I set out to do, without losing myself as a human being. Being the “bridge” I set out to be – Bridging concepts,  enabling proper communication and Connecting Ayurveda across continents.




  • Founding Board Member of ADAVED –  Ayurveda Dachverband Deutschland // Ayurveda Umbrella Association of Germany. The Umbrella Association ADAVED was formed to bring together all the stakeholders in the field of Ayurveda for its promotion and furtherance as a science and also the associated professionals.

  • Was actively responsible for bringing together a large group of Indian Ayurvedic Doctors working and residing in Germany and helped the group form their own Association: Indische Fachgesellschaft für Ayurveda Deutschland (IFAD e.V.) in early 2020. It is one of the very few Association of *B.A.M.S. Doctors outside of India.

In this conversation, we discuss about

  • Gayatri’s educational path and what brought her to Germany
  • Her passion and foray into Entrepreneurship
  • About being a woman of colour in a foreign land and her cultural adjustments 
  • Her Mantra for the DVUCAD situations
  • The Impact & Role of Ayurveda in the age of Digitalisation
  • How Communication is key to Connecting Ayurveda across the World  

1 thought on “The Relevance of Right Communication”

  1. Excellent podcast. Enjoyed listening to your experiences in Germany M’am – especially Coping with the German structure and taxes.
    And your experiences on communication are valuable. It is another of those topics that’s easy to theorise but really hard to practice.
    I believe in prompt and clear communication- but now listening to your podcast opening to the fact that people communicate with silence and other forms as well.

    Interesting insights on intercultural experiences ! Thanks Malathi for asking those questions 🙂

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