Game of Life : Part 7

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Do Managers envy talented Employees?

Story of Sage Vashistha and King Vishwamitra

Once King Vishwamitra with his retinue, went on a hunting trip. He was tired after a day spent in the jungle & spotted a little hermitage of the Sage Vashishtha. Looking for some respite from the heat, fatigue & thirst, he went to the hermitage & was welcomed. The Sage wished to serve the King and his entourage nicely. The King, thinking how the sage in such impoverished condition can serve him & his men, politely declined the offer, but the Sage served the King and all very nicely. The King saw that the Sage had a Kamdhenu (wish fulfilling) cow because of which a sumptuous feast was served. He became desirous to own the cow, but the sage regretted giving it at any cost.

When the King did not succeed in convincing the sage to hand over the cow to him, he became furious and tried to take it by force. In the ensuing fight he lost his army, sons and his prestige to the sage. After he tried to take revenge by gaining Yogic powers but never won till he realized his fallacy and became humble.

When the King was under the impression that the Sage was impoverished, he behaved like an ideal king, but the moment he realized the sage had more, he turned coercive and wanted to grab everything.

An ideal leader never considers himself proprietor of those in charge; rather he thinks of himself as a trustee responsible for satisfying the needs, interests and concerns of those he is privileged to serve.

Where do we find ourselves?
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