Game of Life : Part 6

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To serve in whatever capacity!

Laxman, this bird has fought terrible battle & has given his life to defend Sita, said Rām.


As his life breath flickered & voice sank to a whisper,Rām cried-Jatayu I entreat you to describe to me what has become of Sita & how this cruel calamity has befallen upon you.Why Rāvan has abducted Sita? How I’ve injured him so he seeks enmity with me? Give me an idea of the form, features, powers & exploits of this demon. Where does he reside? Let me know whatever you can


Jatayu said-Rām, that demon is an illusionist & has taken Sita thro’ sky. He took advantage of my fatigue during the fight, cut my wings & carried her south. Rāvan kidnapped Sita in muhurta named Vinda & he knew not that the owner recovers very soon whatever he has lost due to occult influence of the moment. He does not know that very soon Sita would be found and returned back to you


Jatayu further said-Like a fish that swallows the hook, the demon has but carried his fate along with him in the guise of Sita, so don’t grieve for her. You’ll slay Rāvan very soon & enjoy long ages of happiness with Sita. Thus speaking, torrent of blood flowed from bird’s mouth & he breathed his last saying-Son of Visravas & brother of Kuber is the perpetrator of this loathsome act of abducting Sita.


Big lesson for us-Jatayu delayed the kidnapping of Sita & thus muhurta changed to favorable one for Ram. He also saved his last breath to inform Ram of the whereabouts of Sita else, there was no one who witnessed the abduction of Sita.

His efforts did not go in vain, despite he was unable to stop Ravan from taking Sita. Even at the cost of his life, he influenced the final outcome. We may have a small role to play in big projects, but our intelligent & persistent efforts to give our best in whatever time, place circumstances we are, has big consequences. 

Just serve to the best of your capability!


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