Game of Life : Part 11

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In Ramayana, the Vānara🐵 army which went south, after lots of efforts & struggle, were depressed and sort of gave up on the task of finding Mother Sita. 

Not able to finish the task in stipulated time & with no clue where Sita was, Angad, the team leader fearing punishment at the hand of King Sugriva, then agreed with the majority to fast unto death. All were ready for the end & had given up

Hanuman, seeing the critical situation used the four tactics / principles of governance to dissuade his team from taking this extreme decision of ending their lives. 
  1. Sāma – Placation – Telling Angad that he had such good qualities, using which he can find a way and not agree to the foolish proposal of others
  2. Dāma – Presentation- Of gifts/compensation, Telling others if they are successful then King Sugriva would reward them
  3. Bheda – Partition – Among the team members so the collective momentum is broken
  4. Danda – Persecution – Reminding them they will face the consequences if Sugriva finds out some of them alive 
As Hanumān used the four tactics and tried to dissuade them, The momentum of taking extreme steps was broken.  
Hanuman also tried to bring Angad back from despair of not finding Mother Sita & said – My dear Angad you have eightfold intelligence, four fold tactics and fourteen traits. The eight elements of intelligence Angad had were:

1. Desire to Listen to others
2. Listening carefully & intently
3. Grasping the meaning
4. Sharp remembrance
5. Discrimination about pros & cons of situation & thought
6. Accepting the worthwhile and leaving worthless
7. Comprehensive knowledge of subject
8. Mental Acumen

These elements are extremely important to develop in ourselves and are an asset in all situations.

As Hanuman encouraged, then against hope an unexpected help came in the form of Sampati, the brother of Vulture King Jatāyu. In the course of his talk with the Vānaras, he indeed guided them to the place where Sitā was kept by Rāvan. 
In our life also, we face situations in our teams who at times of struggle,  lose confidence and then the momentum of despair leads them to utmost gloom. To break this, we need to use our creativity in applying the above four principles. The objective is to help them come out of the tragic situation with a trade-off wherein the team is again inspired to overcome despair & tackle all odds in front of them.
Huge lessons for all of us!

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