Game of Life 44 - Advice to Advise

Game of Life 44

Advice to Advise

Māricha entreated Rāvana not to fight with Rām but if he is still obstinate then it’s a sign of his approaching fate. Why would you draw misery & destruction of innocent subjects & see majestic Lanka & all its wealth of gold & gems in ruins?

What sin is more heinous than violating the wives of others? Don’t seek enmity with Rām by separating him with Sita or else his arrows will make short work of yourself, your kinsmen, friends & armies

I spoke to you about prowess of Rām while he was but a boy but I’ve suffered too when he was in prime youth.I approached him as deer to take revenge of earlier wounds & he shot me with Garuda like arrows & I somehow managed to escape

It was safe, beneficial, practical & reasonable advice to Rāvana,but he said-Your advice is utterly useless & not in consonance with wishes of your king.It is like seed sown on arid ground which goes in waste. To fight a mere mortal like Rām is derogatory to my fame & he will be best punished being deprived of his wife.My heart is set on doing this & nobody can turn me aside.It’s presumptuous of you to offer me advice unasked

As a person who is shadowed by approaching death, flings aside medicine that could save him, similarly giving unsolicited advice mostly falls in deaf ears. Take note!

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