Game of Life 42

Game of Life 42

Measure of qualities📏

Māricha said to Rāvana – You utter lies when you say that Rām is greedy, wicked, cruel & is disloyal to dharma. He’s Kaushalya’s merit incarnate & is crowned with all noble-perfections. Rām doesn’t have unbridled senses & your craft advisors are spreading lies about him. It’s inconceivable that there is any stain & flaw in him

His wife Sita, the daughter of wise Janak is best protected by her faithfulness & chastity. She is inseparable from Rām as splendor & radiance can’t be separated from Sun. The foolish who strives to steal away heat & radiance of the Sun is consumed thereby & meets his death

Rām is like fire of dissolution, his terrible bow is the fuel that feeds it & his arrows are the flames. I entreat you to not throw yourself in it. If you do, you are seeking ruins for your kingdom, happiness, life & everything it contains

Don’t dare to abduct Sita whom Rām bow has vowed to protect. Take counsel of righteous minister like Vibhishana & have perfect idea of good & evil that awaits you

The touchstones of character are the words of our adversaries. The praise spoken by them are good measure of our principles & valor

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