Game of Life 41

Game of Life 41

Unpleasant counsel

Mārich’s face shrunk with terror, his mouth parched at mention of Rām’s name & plan of Rāvana to abduct Sita. He gazed at him with unwinking eyes as if dead. With joined hands & humble accent, he sought to advise him

He said-many are around who don’t think about the welfare of King in times of danger but flatter him intent on their own interest. It’s rare to find one who’s intent on the master’s welfare, advising him what’s best even at the cost of his own safety facing the master’s wrath. Though his well meant advice may seem harsh & evil at that time but surely brings happiness & glory in long run.

But rarer is to find a master who’s unblinded by desire or hate, casts away prejudice & patiently lends ear to unpleasant counsel

I take it that your messengers & spies keep you away from everything that concerns Rām. Despite my advice against fighting Rām, I see that you’ve come back in hot haste & wicked men hold you in their power. It looks like whole of demon clan will soon face death & Sita will be your fate incarnate

Are we also gripped in clutches of men or ideas which don’t leave us till destruction

We see in business, ample examples of vested interests leading us to failure despite being clearly informed, but we still are sucked into the abyss. Why?

Thoughts pls? #gameoflife

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