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Surpanakha’s taunts painted Rāvan’s defects in lurid colors. He was quiet remembering Maricha’s words not to fight Rām, but his sister was inciting him beyond a point. Cruel sarcasms enraged him & he cried – Who is Rām?What is his form, feature,valor & prowess. What weapons did he use to slay Khara & army

Surpanakha now had a chance to rouse him, said-Rām has long arms & starlike eyes with mighty gold banded bow shooting arrows like deadly serpents. He alone dispatched fourteen thousand demons to death. He has brother,Laxman-prince of heroes who is his right hand & renders every service to Rām

He has a wife named Sita-Large eyes, face beautiful as full moon, dark & lustrous hair, nose like champaka bud & complexion like molten gold. I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful in this entire creation

Unmatched in form & feature,Sita is a match for you & not Rām & you are just a match for her. I strove to carry her away to make her your wife but cruel Laxman punished me for this. Do you aspire to call her your wife? if yes then start right away. Kill the brothers & bring her back to your abode. It will also avenge Khara’s death & my disgrace. Ravan’s lust was now stirred by her words

How easily emotions are roused by exploiting one’s weak point. Emotions should always be controlled with intelligence dovetailed to the soul, connected with the Supreme Lord. Otherwise it causes huge destruction

Krsna says in Bhagvad Gita

yas tv indriyāṇi manasā niyamyārabhate ’rjuna
karmendriyaiḥ karma-yogam asaktaḥ sa viśiṣyate

On the other hand, if a sincere person tries to control the active senses by the mind and begins karma-yoga [in Kṛṣṇa consciousness] without attachment, he is by far superior

Do we get enchanted with our base emotions too? Can we prevent this? Thoughts pls #gameoflife


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