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No regrets❓

Vague fear gripped Khara & his pride had pitiable fall seeing terrible destruction on his side. Fierce battle started with countless weapons,like rain clouds full to bursting.All creatures trembled at sight of demon standing on his chariot,bow in hand like Yama advancing to destroy entire creation with noose in hand

Khara exhibited his strength by shivering armor of Ram who then grasped the mighty bow of Vishnu given by sage Agastya & shot an arrow destroying the flag post of Khara’s chariot towering like a mountain peak. He shot thirteen arrows decimating horses, chariot & his bow

Ram’s heart filled with pity as he saw Khara without a chariot & weapons let alone a mace. To extricate remorse from the demon Ram said-One can be undisputed lord of 3 worlds but if he is cruel, sinful & terror to all beings, he can’t hope to live even for a moment. If you don’t repent you’ll reap a fitting harvest of sin. I’ve come here by order of my father to liberate this place of your atrocities

Still Khara spurred to launch his mace but it was shattered. Finally as Khara uprooted a Sal tree & threw at Ram,a slew of arrows struck huge frame of Khara & he fell dead

It was a folly that there was no remorse, noble instinct or grief in Khara’s words even on the brink of death

Why does this happen?

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