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Big picture emerges📷

Khara fell with a thunderous roar consumed by flames from the arrows of Ram. This was like how demon Namuchi was killed by column of foam rising from sea, in mere sport

Rajrsis & Brahmarsis (Sages) assembled, honoured & lauded Lord Ram with joyous heart exclaiming-You’re best & foremost in lineage of Raghu. We now know, why you came to abode of Sage Sarbhanga, then moved to abode of Sage Sutikshna followed by Sage Agastya & others. They were all facilitating your passage to Panchavati, for you to come close to Jansthana, abode of demons and get rid of them

We now understand why Sage Agastya was entrusted with divine weapons & why Indra came to Dandaka forest to arrange all this. You’ve accomplished what you promised as per our prayers by killing these cruel wretches. We can now roam fearlessly & follow our Dharma

The heavenly hosts then rained fragrant flowers, played celestial drums & martial music. In one short hour-fourteen thousand strong army of demons & their leaders-Khara, Dushan & Trisiras all lay dead. Hail Mahabahu Raghuveeram!

This bolsters our belief that whenever we face difficulties, we need to see divine plan in such situations & keep doing our prescribed duties. This is actually a blessing in disguise by the Supreme Lord for his intervention. Don’t lose heart, it is all planned to maximize to our advantage

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