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Words spur reaction💥

Sita was filled with anxious fears for result of battle between a single mortal & Fourteen thousand terrible demons, but when she beheld him destroy them in short span of time, it was huge relief for her

She wondered why Ram didn’t allow Laxman to come & fight alongside him in such a terrible war & take risk fighting alone? Laxman too tried but in vain to convince his brother. A stern look in Ram’s eyes had warned him off to go with Sita for her protection. Was Ram trying to prove a point?

Time & again she heard from others how Raghava was a valiant warrior but she had never witnessed this herself. It was a rare merit to see the marvelous deeds, when she could not even make out when Ram was drawing arrows from a quiver, fitting it on a string of bow & shooting thousands. Such Speed, such dexterity!

She now remembered that this risk taking had a reason. Thirteen years back when Ram was adamant not to take her to forest, she had hurled allegations & challenged his manliness, even calling him a man dressed as woman

This had pierced his heart & the look of disappointment said it all. Today was an opportune moment to redeem himself. 

Sita’s eyes filled with tears thinking how much trouble Ram underwent to prove that he could protect her

What is your moment of truth spurring you to great heights? 

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