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Better to Speak🔊than assume❓

Sita flew on wings of speed with an anxious heart to see Ram return victorious from the battlefield & her hairs stood on end out of uncontrollable joy. The daughter of Janaka was beaming with appreciation & admiration for his valor

She held Ram in a fond embrace and said-My father took right decision to marry me to you. My lord, You have given your word to come down in every Yuga to champion the cause of good & destroy wicked to establish Dharma. You have fulfilled your vow by destroying these cruel fiends & filled the hearts of sages in ineffable bliss by granting their wish to behold your divine beauty

You have nobly given an ear to cries of helpless & confer joy & safety upon the world. The victory has proved that you’re Man who can protect his wife. It was an opportune choice for me to come with you to forest to be testimony to your power & courage

With embrace of Sita, Ram received medicine as cure for his innumerable wounds & the words she spoke healed his emotional wounds

Sometimes when our words hurt someone deeply, however good our intentions are, it needs appropriate words again combined with actions to heal the relationships. The antidote to misunderstandings is honest expressions & conduct

Krsna says in Bhagavad Gita:

anudvega-karam vakyam satyam priya-hitam ca yat
svadhyayabhyasanam caiva van-mayam tapa ucyate

Meaning: Austerity of speech consists in speaking truthfully and beneficially and in avoiding speech that offends. One should also recite the Vedas regularly.


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