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Is treachery your refuge?👎🏻


Rāvana hissing like a terrible serpent, roared-Is it Indra & other demigods who backed Rām at Janasthan? Akampan expatiating might & excellence of Rām, said-He is first & foremost bowman with weapons obeying as he wants. He has a brother who matches his strength & valor. They’re a well matched pair like Fire & storm. Indra & his associates are nothing before him. It’s Rām who’s destroyed single handedly with no one assisting him

Rāvana sprang up exclaiming-This moment I go forth to make short work of Ram & Laxman. They do not know of my strength. Mere Humans!

No dear Lord, replied Akampan-I pray to listen to my appeal. You can’t face him in his wrath, even Brahma & Indra wouldn’t dare. His arrows can stem tide of torrent in flood.I know pride fills your heart to think that you’re crowned with 10 heads but Rām has myriads of hands,heads eyes & feet. But let me tell you a way out-He has his wife Sita who is extremely beautiful & a gem of a woman. No one can equal her in beauty. If you somehow manage to entice Rām away from her & abduct her, Rām whose heart & soul is centered in her, will for sure next moment give up his life

Beware of people giving such advice. It’s better to play by the rules of the game with rivals than with treachery. This is very dangerous & self destructing. 

The same situation came in Mahabharat where Duryodhan’s advisors always gave him the path of treachery & deception. There may be small wins following this path but in the end the destruction is huge. Kauravas were all annihilated and same fate awaits Ravana where all of his kinsmen together with him would be destroyed except the ones who did not tread the devious path with him

In our professional lives too, beware of such advisers who suggest a path of deceit for small gains but at the end lose big. The entire reputation, esteem, recognition and goodwill gets destroyed in the process & even such advisors leave us alone


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